FIFA announce the use of goal line technology

19 February 2013 12:30

Today, FIFA have announced that goal line technology will be used in the Confederations Cup in Brazil in 2013, with further plans to use the technology in the 2014 World Cup.

Sepp Blatter, the President of FIFA, has always had an unfavourable view on goal line technology, fearing that it could be disruptive to the flow of a game. But due to numerous high profile incidents, culminating in Ukraine crashing out of Euro 2012 at the hands of England after Marko Devic felt he had scored an equaliser which was disallowed; Blatter has had a change of heart. Goal line technology is now actually going to happen.

But how would goal line technology have affected these major incidents?

Geoff Hurst, England v West Germany, 1966

In the 1966 World Cup final Geoff Hurst hit the underside of the crossbar and the ball bounced down, close to the line. The goal was given by linesman Tofik Bahramov, and England led 3-2 and went on to win 4-2, with Hurst completing his hat-trick.

Verdict? The goal came at a crucial time and goal line technology would probably have discovered that the ball didn’t cross the line. England would still have gone on to win the match and the World Cup.

Luis Garcia, Liverpool v Chelsea, 2005

The goal that coined the phrase 'ghost goal' after Luis Garcia scored in Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final win.

Verdict? Liverpool seemed to have all the luck in the world during their triumphant Champions League season. This goal probably wouldn’t have stood, but they may well have nicked another.

Frank Lampard, England v Germany, 2010

The last 16 of the World Cup in South Africa, and Frank Lampard hit the underside of the bar, the ball bounced about a yard over the line but wasn’t given. Germany went on to win 4-1.

Verdict? The goal would have been given, and the game would have been 2-2 giving England brief hope. However, Germany were well on top, and if they hadn’t have won in open play, they would probably have beaten England on penalties!

Are you happy about the introduction of goal line technology?

Source: DSG