FA and Sport England call out for Women's Football

22 November 2013 10:16

Even though we’ve seen women sport take a leap forward in publicity, behind the scenes there hasn’t been a similar progression. Since 2006 there has been a notable decline of 20% across all age groups in women’s football. Football has become behind netball, badminton and equestrian with fewer than 120,000 playing football at least once a week.

Over a two year period the Football Association and Sport England are going to input £2.4 million to help progress and allow around 40,000 new female players to take part in football and potentially for it to be their career. They have also been able to join up with the Premier League and Football League to help grassroots further with training sessions within the clubs for female players aged between 14 and 25.

West Ham Coach Katie Bottom was involved in a similar programme 12 years ago said “"I think this is going to make a massive difference," she added. Just looking at the facilities around here, even if it just buys us a couple more facilities around the area then that's what we can do.

The chief of the Premier League Richard Scudamore also had much to say on the initiative: "The aim of this programme is to increase participation and Premier League clubs are in a unique position to do that.

"Not only can they attract participants through the power of the badge, but critically they can deliver a quality coaching experience."

For all the positives in women’s sport recently, especially in television broadcasts. If there aren’t people getting interested in the sport, then all that work will be lost. This initiative will help find the future for female players and coaches in football.


Source: DSG