Eriksson expects England to shine

06 June 2010 03:38

Sven-Goran Eriksson believes England can win the World Cup despite the setback of losing captain Rio Ferdinand.

The Ivory Coast manager has his own problems with Didier Drogba undergoing an operation after breaking an arm but he is still hopeful his side can set up a potential semi-final with England.

Eriksson said: "If they (England) don't have more bad luck with injuries they have a chance to go the whole way and I would be happy for them if that happens. I think they have a good chance. I hope Rooney will stay fit. I think he is extremely important for England as Drogba is for us."

When asked would England reach the final of the World Cup, he replied: "Yeah, why not, or the semi-final against the Ivory Coast."

Source: PA