England v France - England prove point with gritty draw: press

12 June 2012 09:46

England's hard-fought 1-1 draw against France in their opener restored a measure of pride to the Three Lions and hinted at a brighter future under new boss Roy Hodgson, Britain's press said Tuesday.

The Daily Telegraph's Henry Winter likened Hodgson's team's dogged performance to a battle between English Roundheads and French musketeers.

"This was a night of a few concerning points, over losing the ball, defending deep and lacking sufficient guile, but ultimately this was a night of one very good point," he wrote.

"All things considered, Roy Hodgson should take a bow," said Sun columnist Steve Howard.

"After so many years of gung-ho drum-banging, our default mode is now pessimism -- and no bad thing," he continued.

"That is why we can look at this result as progress".

Source: AFP

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