England thankful to 'Wonder Wayne': press

20 June 2012 10:17

England's press on Wednesday hailed the return of match-winning striker Wayne Rooney, but accepted the national team had been fortunate to top their group after a gritty win over hosts Ukraine.

Fleet Street paid humorous tribute to the talismanic forward's well-publicised hair transplant.

"Hair Weave Go", ran the Daily Mirror, while popular tabloid the Sun carried "Weave Done It" as its front-page headline.

"Thatch the way to do it," said the Daily Mail. "Weave got Italy next, thanks to Rooney."

The Daily Telegraph celebrated the return of "big man" Rooney and the intervention of "Lady Luck, fluttering her eyelashes at the grateful English", but called the blundering officials "as much use as a chocolate samovah".

Source: AFP