England are known quantity

29 May 2014 06:31

Peru manager Pablo Bengoechea has warned England their young stars will be far from unknown quantities to South American teams at this summer's World Cup,

The Three Lions face Peru at Wembley on Friday in the first of three warm-up matches for Roy Hodgson's team before the finals start on June 12.

England are hoping the likes of Raheem Sterling, Adam Lallana and Ross Barkley can take opposition by surprise in Brazil but Bengoechea, who is Uruguayan, is certain that will not be the case.

"We are very much aware of all England's young players," Bengoechea said.

"In South America there is coverage of the Premier League during the week and certainly every weekend so we are very much aware of those players.

"I know the England manager has freshened up the squad with some new faces in comparison to the players who got England to the World Cup and we respect that decision."

The Peru boss continued: "I think nowadays in football though, it's really quite tough to surprise any team no matter where they are in the world.

"The stats we all have on players really make that impossible.

"I think whoever lines up for England in those group stage games against Costa Rica, Italy and Uruguay - I think those opponents will be very clued up about England's team."

It is Bengoechea's first game in charge of Peru since he took over in March, replacing Sergio Markarian who resigned after failing to qualify for the World Cup.

Peru's players will be eager to impress their new boss but Bengoechea says his players are wary of causing England any disruption so close to the finals.

"It's a very, very big deal for us - it's a big occasion - when any South American side travels to play in Europe it's a very special occasion," he said.

"I want to emphasise though that this is a preparatory game for both England and for us.

"We hope we are up to the task tomorrow but it's all about getting England into good shape ahead of the World Cup."

Bengoechea added: "Nobody wants any injuries or anything like that - we want the England manager to be satisfied and we know we have been invited here to take part.

"While we are trying to do our best it is certainly the case that England are in the final stages of preparing for a World Cup and we respect that very much."

This is England's final game on home soil before further friendlies against Ecuador and Honduras in Miami.

Hodgson's side trained in Portugal last week and wore several layers of clothing during sessions to prepare for the hot conditions in Brazil.

England's opening game against Italy is being played in Manaus, where temperatures are likely to exceed 30 degrees Celsius and humidity regularly sores above 75 per cent.

"I imagine, yes, the climate will be a problem for England," Bengoechea said.

"It depends what time of day they play but it can be tough, it can be quite hot and that will complicate things a little bit."

Source: PA