Dyke phlegmatic over FIFA rules

10 October 2013 09:01

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has warned England cannot afford to put themselves at a disadvantage by ignoring FIFA's eligibility rules if other major nations are embracing them.

Midfielder Jack Wilshere attempted to draw a line under his own involvement in a controversial debate with a series of tweets on Wednesday evening.

Yet the issue is not going to disappear, with more youngsters likely to emerge with similarly complicated backgrounds like Manchester United teenager Adnan Januzaj, who could already play for Belgium, Albania, Serbia and Turkey, in addition to Kosovo should they ever gain full FIFA status.

However, it is confirmation Januzaj could also play for England if he remains in this country until February 2018, five years after his 18th birthday, that has caused the rancour.

Many former players agree with Wilshere's assessment that England should steer well clear of such cases.

Dyke admits the situation is not quite so straightforward.

"We need to look at the rules," said Dyke.

"We need to look at what other countries are doing and whether we are putting ourselves at a competitive disadvantage by not doing it.

"I am not saying, let's grab him or not grab him. It is a wider case because his is not the only case.

"Longer term, what I really care about is that kids coming through the system have the opportunity to play at the highest level if they have got the talent."

Source: PA