Capello: Be patient with youngsters

17 November 2010 08:12
England head coach Fabio Capello has called for patience to be shown towards the younger players he is trying to introduce into his plans. Newcastle United striker Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson will both make their debuts in the friendly against France at Wembley, with Capello aware that they may need time to bed in on the international stage. He commented: "Germany built their team step by step. If we want to do the same, we have to put these players in the team two or three at a time, not five or six. "They need time to improve, to play with confidence and without fear. "When I have done this with my club team some played very well immediately, others needed more time. But the value of these players is really big and we have to help them. "I hope the performance of these young players will be really good, but the fans have to understand that we could burn these players if it is not. "We have to help them. When they play in front of 90,000 people at Wembley, it is not the same as playing with the under-21s. The value of this game is different."

Source: ESA