Capello enjoying England challenge

10 March 2010 03:38

Fabio Capello insisted he is still happy dealing with the most important challenge of his life, despite the latest scandal to hit the England team.

It is understood the Football Association are reviewing security procedures after an apparent secret recording of conversations between players and coaches before the Egypt friendly came to light. The FA have yet to make a complaint to the police about the bugging, reportedly at The Grove hotel in Hertfordshire, because they are still waiting to have access to the recording. They have, however, taken legal steps to ensure the conversations remain under wraps.

Capello refused to answer direct questions on the subject, labelling it a "private problem", but, speaking at the Laureus Sports Awards in Abu Dhabi, the Italian said: "It's a challenge always to be England manager, but the challenge for me is always important because, at my age, without a challenge I stay home and can go on holiday."

He added: "I like the challenge and this will be the most important challenge of my life. To be England manager was one of my dreams and I am really happy to be England manager.

"I would not swap my position with (Italy coach) Marcello Lippi, I prefer to be England manager."

Capello did concede he was surprised by the amount of off the field issues he has had to deal with, adding: "Yes, usually my job was to have to decide on the pitch, not outside the pitch. It's a new job for me.

"My job when I was manager of Milan, Juve, Roma or Madrid, I try to win always. For me it's the same now as England manager.

"I am focused to find the best way and we are one of the best teams in the World Cup. We hope to arrive at the semi-finals, minimum, and then, after a lot of years, win the World Cup.

"We have a good team, good players and at this moment we think we can beat all of the teams because we can play at the same level of the best teams in the world."

Source: PA