Breaking News: Obama to play central defence for England against Uruguay?

19 June 2014 03:41

Whilst sat enjoying the ‘luxury chicken sandwich’ I purchased on my travels, I started to wonder how they get away with making it look all succulent, tender and wonderful from the front, yet as you get further into it, it becomes no more than two dry hunks of bread coarsely rubbing together with no innards whatsoever!

This (as most internet users know), leads you on a searchfest that takes more twists and turns than a bowl of pretzels. So, my sandwich search led me to other wonderful items that aren’t quite as they appear to be….or are just downright crap!

So where better to focus than our beloved game of football? Here are a few I found…can you top these?

‘Dad, when I grow up, can I play for Liverton?’

An independent fan forum posted a picture of a Liverpool FC badge for sale. All well and good, apart from on closer inspection, the crest just above the Liverpool name is not quite as it seems! Let’s face it, it could not get any wors…oh.

‘Good solid defensive header from…Obama?’

As our England team as they prepare to face up against Suarez and Co tonight at Arena Corinthians, São Paulo. Many are talking about the suspected line up. I don’t expect many people saw the most important man in the world turning out for our boys!

‘Just Beat It’

Finally, I have a friend who is a Fulham fan, who reminded me that at one point, for the small sum of £16.99 you could wear an official Fulham crested T shirt featuring nothing out of the ordinary apart from a moonwalker, an Egyptian and a tipped trilby. This has to be classed as both Smooth as well as Criminal.

Source: DSG