Biggest match for Carrick

25 June 2006 01:03
England midfielder Michael Carrick admits he is facing the biggest game of his career as he prepares for a crucial role in the World Cup second round clash with Ecuador. The Spurs schemer is set to be handed a starting spot as the holding player in a five-man midfield, with Carrick well aware of his responsibilities. He commented: "This is the biggest game of my career by far. There is not one that has come close to this one. "This is what you work towards your whole career, to play in a World Cup. "For it to come around like this, at this stage of the competition when things are starting to get exciting, is a great thing to be a part of. "Hopefully I can come in and give something extra to the team and win the game. "In this formation, I would say that me being there gives Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard more licence to go and support Wayne Rooney up front and hopefully chip in with some goals. "I'll probably take the responsibility of taking a lot of the defensive side of it out for them. My strengths are getting on the ball, passing it and keeping possession. "Hopefully I can get on the ball an awful lot and try to dictate the play. That will give Steven and Frank the license to go on and get in the box and score goals. "It's going to be tough because they are a good side and they keep possession an awful lot as well, so it's going to be interesting and hopefully we can get on top."

Source: ESA