Racism ban stands after court bid

12 December 2008 12:47
"I felt it was worth it because they're trying to destroy a man's reputation saying he's a racist when he's not," he said."Trying to fight the establishment is a very hard thing to do."The alleged incident happened as players left the pitch in a Third Division match at New Bayview.Notes taken by assistant referee Alasdair Ross said the abusive phrase was heard "coming from the direction of the home dressing-room", but he could not identify who said it.Witnesses backed up the statement, blaming Fotheringham - and, in February, the SFA disciplinary committee found him guilty of misconduct.An appeal was turned down by an SFA tribunal in August.The club maintained the hearings were impartial and pushed for a judicial review.But Lord Pentland dismissed the case and said: "In the result, I conclude that none of the challenges advanced by the petitioner to the decision of the disciplinary committee is well-founded."It follows that the decision of the appeals tribunal upholding the ruling at first instance is also sound."

Source: BBC_Sport