whats going on part 2

04 April 2013 10:07
a fans view

re: DFCSS - what is going on?I hope that people who have read or contributed to this board down the years take the comments of shaded and shuntz on board.I have never met any of these two people; but I have admired the quality of their posts down the years and also admired the effort they have put in as individuals on behalf of our football club.They are outstanding Dees with nothing but the good of the club at heart.It saddens me to read of the despair and anger they are feeling.and it angers me when people come on and try and undermine them in any way in order to discredit the information being shared.I think it is time for ALL of us ordinary punters to consider the facts available and make a judgement on whether OUR club is being well run at this moment in time?In my opinion there are a lot more questions than answers and with the lack of communication coming from the DFCSS I think we should all be concerned at the direction OUR club is taking.I hope the DFCSS call a meaningful SGM which will allow us to vote not only on some apprently patched up constitutional change which will clear the "blazer route" for the foreseeable future.but also on more meaningful items like.Are our DFCSS/DFC directors making the Club fully accountable to its supportersas set out in their own constitution?Are our DFCSS directors acting at all times within the constitution of the Society as required?If they are found to be acting outwith the constitution, should they be expelled from the Society?Why have the DFCSS directors not invited members to renew their membership annually as required to do so under their own constitution?The failure to do this has resulted in an inaccurate members list which is not fit for purpose and is totally outwith the guidleines laid out by Supporters Direct.Why have DFCSS directors not had a full and accurate members list available for inspection as per their constitution?Have the DFCSS directors complied fully with the Provident Society Act 1965 - Reg 2639RS as required within their constitution and as regulated by the Financial Services Authority?If the directors of the DFCSS/DFC have acted above board and within the constituion at all times they should have no problem with including items such as this on any SGM agenda and be open to all questions from the floor on such matters.and also be prepared to accept a vote of no confidence and possible expulsion from the Society should they fail to assure the majority of members present that they are acting in the best interests of their members and within the DFCSS Constitution at all times.

Source: Dundee Mad