wee red book

02 April 2013 03:53
sporting post

                            Who had one of these

a right blast from the past if i say so myself,long before the age of the internet this was the bible as such for the average fan,you as a fan could look at the whole seasons fixtures rather that one week at a time in the sunday papers or sporting post.

I remember buying mine from allens the newsagents in douglas and spent many hours looking up the fixtures, makes you think how many businesses have went out of business due to the arrival of the world wide web. which has replaced all these types of publications at the press of a button.

I suppose that is the price we all pay for advances in technology.i must say that i dont really miss the wee red book as we called it but by god i miss the good old sporting post,win draw or lose i would pick up the late sporting post and read all about the game ,home dundee team on the front page and the away team on the backi can never work out why they stopped publishing the sporting post as if you werent in the queue then you ran the risk of not getting a paper such was its demand,obviously there must have been a very good reason for doing away with the sporting post ,but how i miss that rag.

Source: Dundee Mad