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26 July 2013 04:55
a bit of help

With all the efforts of little and large to try to sabotage the proposed investment from FPS by creating a complex voting form.Would it not be pertinent for someone who understands the form to advise people through this board by telling them which number to select to accept the offer from FPS. I am not able to vote so have not seen the list of points .Surely there should only be one box to mark if you are willing to accept investment. Can someone give us mere mortals who cannot vote a look at the form presented . Post a copy on here. For what it is worth accept the investment and sweep the place clean. That is the way I would vote. Get rid of the stagnating crap that is DFCSS they have had their chance and made a right mess of it .

answer 1

If a member is in favour of the FPS offer they should put their X in the first column which is headed "In Favour" of Resolution 6. I have just read the whole of Resolution 6 to my wife and she says that it is very confusing

query 2

Could you please post how you believe we should vote on the other questions. The only one I am not confused on is question 6. I am totally confused on Q1-5. I am against DFCSS's views of what this club should look like and I want to vote against anything that would maintian their power. I will be voting proxy as I am in the USA

answer 2

First Resolution - vote In Favour so new directors can be elected to the Society board Second Resolution - vote In Favour to stop committees being over-represented on the Society board. Third Resolution - vote In Favour, just some shyte about Society meetings Fourth Resolution - vote In Favour to introduce a yearly subscription for membership of the Society. long overdue. Fifth Resolution - vote In Favour to allow the shares to be issued and safeguard the club against debt levels rising Sixth Resolution - vote In Favour to allow DFCSS to vote on the 13th to allow the share capital to be increased and the FPS bid to be accepted - vote Against if you're in Favour of DBBT's bid That's my take on it.

Hello DEE1877, I have asked anyone on the forum to take me through this vote form, step by step. Your post does exactly that.THANK YOU. Many posters have offered helpful advice to me and many others who found it all confusing. And if any have answered my original request specifically for a "step by step guide" and somehow I managed to miss it, I apologise. This is exactly what I was looking for. Is there anyway your post can be stuck in a prominent position on this forum etc. so any other confused voters can make use of it? We can't afford to mess this vote up. Thank you again,

answer 3

Dee, you've misinterpreted resolutions 2 and 3. RESOLUTION 2 amends the rules on co-option to provide guaranteed representation for the DSA and Business Trust on the DFCSS board. Vote in favour of res 2 if you wish to prioritise representation of DSA or DBBT as a requirement for co-option to the DFCSS board. Vote against res 2 if you wish to allow co-option to continue in it's current unrestricted form which is designed to provide skills which may be lacking from elected directors - eg financial or legal expertise. For example: if you prefer a qualified individual such as an accountant to be co-opted vote against, if you want the likes of George Harris co-opted vote in favour. RESOLUTION 3 reduces the required quorum to carry out DFCSS business from currently 4 directors to 3. Vote in favour of res 3 if you want to make it easier for DFCSS to please themselves in the future. Vote against if you don't.

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