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26 July 2013 05:03
hope this helps

this can also be seen in sticky form on message board


FIRST RESOLUTION Vote "in favour" if you wish to elect the directors of the Society. Vote "against" if you don't. SECOND RESOLUTION Vote "in favour" if you think co-option to DFCSS board should be based on representation of DSA and Business Trust. Vote "against" if you think it should remain unchanged to allow professional expertise to be prioritised irrespective of membership of clubs or committees. THIRD RESOLUTION Vote "in favour" if you wish to make it easier for DFCSS to please themselves by reducing their quorum to 3. Vote "against" if you don't FOURTH RESOLUTION Vote "in favour" if you would like to see a nominal annual membership applied in order to maintain an accurate and active membership of DFCSS. Vote "against" if you don't. FIFTH RESOLUTION Vote "in favour" if you have begun to read Ordinary Resolution 2 and Special Resolutions 3 and 4 of the SHAREHOLDERS GENERAL MEETING and lost the will to live after the first sentence. Read them and just decide if you agree or disagree. You can't pick and choose, it's wholesale in favour or against. The chances of understanding the implications of them are slim. I guess that's the intention. You want document 4, pages 1-6 on the link below. If anyone wants to take a stab at simplifying them then feel free.







































SIXTH RESOLUTION This is the one that makes the immediate difference. Resolutions 1-4 affect DFCSS business only. Resolution 5 amends the Club (not Society) Articles of Association. Resolution 6 here authorises the creation of additional share capital which is crucial to both the FPS offer being accepted and the opening of a future investment stream for the Club. Basically, once the existing unissued share capital is sold to either FPS or DBBT there is no more to sell - it's all gone unless extra share capital is created, so. Vote "in favour" to increase the share capital and allow the FPS deal to proceed. Vote "against" to prevent it. Be aware that a vote against will see the DBBT offer accepted by default.

Source: Dundee Mad