sundays guests part 2

01 February 2013 06:54
at dens

Martin Tait, Local Senior Officer, Dundee City, Tayside Fire and Rexcue had this to say about the work carried out by FFC, ‘The Fire Fighters Charity is of great benefit to our local staff and their families within Tayside. It regularly provides vital support that greatly assists them to recover from serious accidents, injuries and illnesses and return to operational duties as quickly as possible. This enables them to get on with what they do best, protecting our local communities from the risk of fires and other emergencies.'

Case Study 1:  Adam Bruce, Aberdeenshire

After a serious motor bike accident in 2005, fire fighters Adam Bruce wasn't given much chance of survival.  The fall caused multiple fractures to his neck, spine and leg, and also severe head injuries resulting in some brain damage.  For the first 8 months he could not speak and was advised there was little chance of him being able to walk again.

Adam was determined to prove the specialists wrong and it took a lot of time, effort and determination before he was finally allowed to leave hospital and move back home.  At this point, he applied to The Fire Fighters Charity for assistance.  In the first instance the Charity provided  exercise equipment to help improve his physical condition and then he 

he made 2 visits to Jubilee House for intensive rehabilitation.

He has since been back a 3rd time for further rehabilitation and came away with a programme of exercises to continue at home to help with his progress.  Adam said "The Charity has given me a great deal of support throughout, and I really can't thank them enough for everything they have done for me".


Source: Dundee Mad