sundays gests part 3

01 February 2013 06:57
at dens

Case Study 2:  Alex Fender, OrkneyI've been a retained fire fighter for many years now at Stromness Fire Station in Orkney, and it wasn't until a colleague of mine drew my attention to The Fire Fighters Charity that I realised my son was eligible for assistance. Alex has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, which limits his mobility, and therefore he spends much of his time in a wheelchair.When Alex was younger we were able to apply for some financial assistance to help fund some of the specialist equipment he needed. However since then, the charity has developed its services to be able to support us more directly, by helping source specific products we need, finding local organisations that can help us, or providing advice and advocacy when required.One example of how the charity has been able to help is with finding us a specially adapted bed for Alex. As he gets older and heavier, lifting him in and out of bed just wouldn't be an option, so now Alex has an ergonomic bed with a remote control, which he uses to lift himself up. This has been a tremendous help, and has aided Alex's independence too. Also more recently the charity has been able to help us adapt our home for easier wheelchair access after statutory provision had been exhausted, which really has made a big difference. Steps at the front of the house have been replaced with a driveway and ramps, so that Alex is able to get his wheelchair in and out of the house unassisted.The Beneficiary Support Service at the charity is fantastic and has made a real difference to both Alex and the rest of the family.

Dundee FC Supporters’ Society is delighted to welcome The Fire Fighters Charity to Dens this weekend, and hope that our fans will take some time to check them out, and find out more. Community Director Jacqui Robertson sees this charity as one that is important to everyone, ‘Fire fighters do an amazing job keeping everyone safe, and getting an opportunity to give something back to a charity that looks out for them is an opportunity too good to turn down. We all hope that we never need the Fire Brigade, but it is reassuring to know they are there if we do. The fire fighters Charity looks after not only Fire service personnel, but also their families, and we are grateful for the opportunity to help out.’DFCSS  echo the sentiments of Jacqui Robertson, and hope that the Fire Fighters Charity have a very successful day at Dens. Fire fighters really are people no-one ever wants to call on, but knowing they are there, prepared to accept personal risk on our behalf means we should all do what we can for them

Source: Dundee Mad


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