Stadium tours part 1

28 August 2012 08:29
guided tours

Dundee FC Supporters' Society now offer tours of Dens Park Stadium to any interested individual or group, FREE OF CHARGE.

Anyone wishing to take a tour, and it is highly recommended, should contact Dave Forbes via email or phone (07767 214520).

Read on to get an idea of what you'll see and experience behind the scenes at the home of the city's oldest professional football club.

On a crisp February morning, a group of youngsters can be seen outside the entrance to the home of the Dees.  This is not a Saturday, it’s not even a weekend, but still they are there.  Monday saw the Dundee FC Supporters Society – in conjunction with Dundee Football Club – conducting what hopefully will be the first of many a tour around Dens Park.

Representing Castlepark School, Dundee were Scott Hunter, Owen Blythe, Reace Stewart and Conor Nelson, along with teachers Robin Patterson, Louise McMillan and Garry Middleton; Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Director Dave Forbes was the man charged with taking the tour.

With the tours hopefully being available to the general public soon, Society Director Dave Forbes was keen to have a run through, and the kids and teachers from Castlepark were happy to oblige as a test audience.  Throw in one very excited volunteer tagging along to document the trip, and the tour soon got under way.First stop on the tour was a trip to the changing rooms, although the team were using the home one to prepare or training, the away changing room and refs’ room were visited, before a trip down the tunnel, giving the youngsters the feel of what it would be like to run out on a matchday.  Dave, in an attempt to guarantee the kids would be on their best behaviour, was quick to point out the one place in Dens that no-one wants to visit, and this was the first new thing I learned myself, Dens has a holding cell underneath the spot previously occupied by the clock.Suitably calmed after this revelation, the group made its way back inside, next stop being the Legends’ Lounge, via a corridor lined with photographs of Dees, and while this volunteer was quite happy to feel young by explaining he had never seen the likes of Billy Steel or Doug Cowie wear the Dark Blue, this youthful feeling evaporated when the other members of the tour pointed out they had never seen Claudio Caniggia, Jim Duffy, and in some cases Barry Smith play.