Seniors meeting

04 May 2013 10:08
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April 25th saw this month’s meeting of the Seniors Group in the Billy Steel Lounge. Visiting the group was Grant Cook, who came with a request, and a demonstration of some of the work done for people with dementia and the Football Reminiscence Project.

First off, the Seniors had the rules of this game explained to them, they would be shown images of five people in every position, from 1-11 plus a manager, all they had to do was between them agree on who was the better player. The team would play in the traditional 2-3-5 formation, and a player could only be considered for one position.

The debate for manager and the two full backs passed off without incident, although the half back line prompted much debate. Dee legend Doug Cowie was listed as a center half, with Pat Liney insisting that was his position, while others said left half. To solve this dilemma, Doug was moved to left half, where once again, he was pipped for a place in the team.


 The forward line provoked most debate, with one Senior claiming after seeing the first number10, that we didn’t need to see the rest, only to change his mind when he saw the second, then change it again when he saw the third. The upshot of that was no Denis Law, and no Gillie in the team, but they were in pretty good company, Dalglish, Greig, Gordon Smith, Ian St Johnnone made the team, which is shown below, how many can you




The meeting moved on to the serious side of the visit, homework. Football Memories aim to provide a similar set of cards for every club side in Scotland, and a request was made to the seniors that everyone can get involved in. The rules are similar as for the Scotland side, and what is needed is your favourite player for Dundee, in the same 2-3-5 formation, the only proviso being the player must have played before 1980, although we won’t be too strict on the date.  The only other rule is the team of 61-62 is a given, they will all be included, so we are looking for players not in that 11 at Muirton.

Anyone wishing to submit a team or even individual players can do so by emailinghere with the subject Football Memories. Anyone wanting more information about the work done by Alzheimer Scotland can visit the facebook page for the Morgan Street Resource Centre here


Society and Club director Dave Forbes enjoyed the meeting, 'The football memories provoked a lot of debate for the seniors group, having to leave out some fantastic players was never going to be easy. The seniors seemed to be enjoying it though, and the telling of stories was as good as picking the team. Anyone who wants to join us in future meetings is more than welcome, we are a friendly bunch, and it gives you the chance to meet with like minded people, and of course join in with the events, the next meeting has Bob Valentine as a guest. The meetings are free to attend, and refreshments are

 provided,so why not come along and get involved?'


The next meeting of the Seniors Group will take place on Thursday May 30th at 11am in the Billy Steel Lounge, with guest speaker Bob Valentine.

Source: Dundee Mad