Saturdays guests part 2

08 March 2013 12:59
at dens

Did you know?    Someone dies every 5 hours from mesothelioma* in the U.K.    There were 1,628 deaths from mesothelioma in 2000 in Britain.    The annual death toll will rise to around 2,000 by 2010 and will remain above 1,500 until about 2025.    There are 33% more deaths from mesothelioma than from cervical cancer.    Deaths from mesothelioma have increased ten-fold since 1968 in the U.K.    There will be over a million deaths in Western Europe by 2035.    The disease can take between 20 to 50 years to develop following exposure to asbestos.    The greatest risk group are men born between 1945 and 1950.    Mesothelioma cases have increased three-fold since 1990.    Scientists predict that by 2025, 25,000 Scots will have died from asbestos related diseases; this in a country with only 5,000,000 people.Compared with diseases such as breast cancer, there is little in the way of public campaigning over the condition known as mesothelioma nor is there more than a fraction of the funding of research into it.Our organisation aims to support those suffering from this and other dreadful conditions associated with asbestos and bring the above shocking facts to the attention of the greater public.For one local family, AAT provided a much needed service when Jim gibbon was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Son Alan had this to say about his dad. ‘Jim Gibbon was a lifelong Dundee supporter who used to tell his family stories of Billy Steel in the League Cup Final against Rangers in the 1950’s and was there at Muirton Park the day Dundee won the league. He watched them through many highs and lows, buying bricks to help them build the stands and supporting the team through administration the first time round and up until his death in October 2008 was still a season ticket holder at Dens Park.’‘As well as his love of Dundee, Jim was also heavily involved in Sunday Boys Football running his own team Sidlaw Boys, and being match Secretary for over 30 years in total.In March of 2008 Jim was diagnosed with Mesothelioma.  Mesothelioma is a lung cancer associated with asbestos contact.  For Jim there was to be no effective treatment for him and he was to die peacefully at home in October 2008.’ 

During this time Jim and the family were supported by Asbestos Action Tayside.  The day of his diagnosis Jim was given their number and made contact with them, they were there to help him fill in the forms for claiming entitlements and compensation.To this day Asbestos Action are still involved in helping support the family by keeping in touch with Jim’s wife Muriel and offering much needed support.  Indeed Muriel just attended a ladies lunch organised by Asbestos Action in February this year.’ 

‘Asbestos Action Tayside were there for Jim in the very worst of times and were able to provide practical and emotional support that was invaluable to him and the family.The family are pleased that Asbestos Action are being recognised by Dundee FC because there are many people in this area who continue to be affected by asbestos related conditions and Asbestos Action Tayside’s support will be invaluable to them.’ Dundee FC Supporters’ Society look forward to the visit of AAT, and all the information they bring to Dens about the problems with asbestos related health issues. As always, information will be available from the charity on the day, and the Society would urge everyone to get as much information as possible.


Source: Dundee Mad