Remembering the Sunday

24 March 2013 06:38
Cup run from yhe 70;s

the sunday s/cup run 70'sremember the oldman piling us in the car on a sunday to head up to aberdeen for a basically unheard of sunday cup tie,huge following that day and we were standing on the south terracing,2.0 the dee.i remember never seeing such a large amount of buses weaving down the old road from aberdeen that nightthen came the hibs games 3.3 through there and a replay thumping 3.0 victory at dens in front of 33,000 on a midweek night,remember a fan streaking that night also lol,i have never again witnessed the atmosphere that was created that night,i know a guy i was at school with heard the roars from gotterstone.there is a great picture available if you google.onto the next round and it was once again a sunday game through at ibrox,65,000 were in attendance that day and we were in the auld centenary stand thats the govan stand nowadays,always remember dundee fans with workie helmets on that day belting out "his name is gordon wallace he's the leader o our team the finest centre forward that the world has ever seen" before being encicled by rangers fans and all hell breaking lose,wham bang 3.0 humping of the gers completed,now that was some team,they should and would have won alot more had celtic not been as strong as they were,how many semi's did they hold the indian sign over us in? and once again they did us in the semi final,probably the most exciting team iv ever seen at dens in my time as a dee and more than likely the best ever strip also,its in the blood DDYB

Source: Dundee Mad