Race for life 17th june

24 May 2012 09:28
at camperdown park

Sunday June 17th sees the annual Race for Life at Camperdown Park in Dundee.  The event has two races, one of five kilometres and one of ten, and all money raised goes to Cancer Research UK, a recent visitor to Dens with the Community Initiative.

Community Director Jacqui Robertson has taken part in the last two stagings of the Race for Life, and has once again signed up for the 10k event this year.

Jacqui took time out of her hectic schedule to share her thoughts on enrolling for this years event.  "I've never been closely affected by cancer but spent a fair bit of time during my nursing training working at Roxburgh House, so you couldn't fail to be affected by cancer and the reality behind how it affects people's lives and that of their families.  That was what made me do it the last two years.

"This year, however, I wanted to raise some money for this amazing cause in memory of Wullie Reilly.  I may not have been lucky enough to know him as well as many people, but I felt how special a person he was in the time I did get to know him a little and I'm sure he would have been delighted to help raise some money for cancer research, so this year I'll be doing it in his memory."In addition to her responsibilities as the Society’s Community Director, Jacqui is also a reporter for DFCTV and the person who keeps the twitter universe updated on Dundee's games as they happen; all this on top of her full time nursing job, and studying for a Masters Degree, so where does she find the time to fit in anything else, let alone training for, and competing in, a 10k race?

"I get asked that all the time and the honest answer is I have no idea.  I would be bored if I wasn’t a busy person though."

The Society would like to wish Jacqui all the very best of luck for the Race and in her fundraising efforts, anyone who has witnessed the work Jacqui applies to everything she does will know the day can only have a successful outcome.

If anyone would like to sponsor Jacqui, they can do so at her sponsorship page and all money raised will certainly be going to a great cause, in memory of a great Dundee Fan.