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30 May 2013 12:46
takeover deal

Thanks for that enlightening post.As I see it, the wider support needs to take the first opportunity to remove the current three DFCSS/DFC directors via democratic means.Until that happens we wil be stuck with this ludicrous situation where three individual supporters (supposedly representing that majority view of Dundee supporters) are controlling our club.Once that happens, then the new directors of DFCSS can try and pick their way through the wreckage and salvage the club.With the investment issue now buried; then the DFCSS should proceed with the planned meeting of 15th June to discuss and vote on issues specific to the running of the Society.This gives the supporters the chance todiscuss and decide upon the future make up of the DFCSS board.IF the DFCSS continue to (illegally) postpone this meeting, then they need to either immediately announce a rescheduled date.Of course, in the meantime the manager will need to work within the budget he already has and do his job and prepare a side for next season.The chief executive will also need to do his job and run the club in a professional manner and asist the club in whatever way he can.If they decide that they cannot work under these conditions then they must leave and be replaced.Clearly none of this is ideal in terms of the running of OUR club, but we find ourselves in this mess and as long as the three individuals concerned are controlling the club then we need to accept this situation.The only way to change it is via the DFCSS ballot box at the earliest opportunity.IF the DFCSS continue to put off the holding of a meeting then I will personally arrange a legal challenge to those involved as they are acting outwith the DFCSS Constitution (in a number of areas) and in doing so are breaching the wider Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965.Obviously this would all take time and if we find ourselves with a football club without a manager, without a chief executive,without our chief investor on the board and without a first team squad - being run lock, stock and barrel by messrs McDonald, Kidd and Forbes with only a few weeks until players are due back for pre season training then season 2013/14 does not look rosy to put it mildly.I can only imagine that season ticket sales will be very low.However, this is what we have to deal with. All of the talking and posting on message boards will do no good.Through our own doing, three supporters are running our club. We put them there ( to a degree) via democratic means and this is how we can get rid of them.If they fail to go ahead with the planned meeting of 15th June or as a minimum re-schedule it for the earliest opportunity then a legal challenge to their conduct will be mounted.Supoorters Direct are already fully aware of the DFCSS' cancellation of the SGM for no reason and their full backing can be anticipated in the attempt to see fair play being exercised.The learning from this is that we as supporterssadly will have to exercise due diligence against our own supporters reps in future.These are dark days for Dundee Fc supporters but we have come through worse than this and will do so again.In the meantime, I would invite messrs McDonald, Kidd and Forbes to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they truly think that what they are doing is the very best thingfor their football club

Source: Dundee Mad


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