One fans view

25 February 2013 05:17
of recent events

Some unbelievable things have gone on over the last few weeks.The reality of the situation is.Our manager has gone.A new manager has been appointed.Our board has been placed in an untenable position.The Chief Executive has lost all credibility.Dundee FC has become a laughing stock.So where are we???We remain a fans owned club and the DFCSS still hold the cards.We have clearly made a bad appointment of a new manager at a time when we need to galvanise the support.Our standing in Scottish Football has fallen to a new low.So what can we do?The DFCSS board need to take hold of this situation, act as responsible owners and take action to do what is right and stabilise the football club.I suggest the following.1) Make sure Barry Smith is given the money due to him and get the club's credibility back after this embarrasing situation. Make a public apology to Barry on behalf of the club for the way this has been handled.2) Invite the current board to resign en masse (apart from the new Financial Director). If they refuse then call an EGM and have them publicly voted off. For the good of Dundee FC we need a fresh start and the current board need to admit that for the good of the club we need a new board. This is very clear.3) Terminate the employment of our Chief Executive. He has been involved 100% in everything to do with the club over the last few months and if we are to have a fresh start then he needs to be out of the club.4) Whilst I feel sorry for him, I would immediately cancel the contract of John Brown. He has been put into a difficult position not of his own doing; but he is on a hiding to nothing and cannot on the face of it enhance the prospects of the club going forward.I would suggest putting Rab Douglas/Matt Lockwood and Ray Farningham in temporary charge until the club is ready to appoint a manager for the long term. This weekend's game ( whilts vitally important) is a speck on the future of Dundee FC.5) Put in place a temporary board of directors who publicly make very clear what their aims are.These aims should be.To identify and attract an independent chairman to be a club figurhead.To identify and attract new board members who can bring a professionalism and class to our club.To identify outside investment to enhance the club's future prospects.This temporary board is likely to comprise some of the current DFCSS board and individuals of note who are prepared to come forward and enhance this process.This would be a temporary board with a specfici remit.The timescale for the appointment of a new chairman and a new board should be by the start of next season.6) The DFCSS should also take this opportunity to redefine themselves as a fund raising vehicle to support DFC. Supporters should be invited to re-join this newly re-launched supporters group with a clearly defined purpose. This would once again hopefully get us to a situation where the fans are happy to be part of an all encompassing fans group with a purpose.7) In short, the supporters need to utilise the fans owned position we have. The learning process of the last few months has been a painful one.however from this mess we do have the capability to rise again and sort things out.8) I would also take the opportunity to vote against the league reconstruction plans on the table. We need some time as a football club to draw breath and properly consult our supporters on this.The DFCSS board have an opportunity to take this situation and sort it out.It needs some firm action as owners of this business.The club clearly needs to keep functioning in the coming weeks. With an FD in place and a new board supporting him this should happen. There remains some good staff at Dens to help the situation.The key decision that needs making over the next few weeks would be a new manager and maybe some former players could help in making this appointment?Our on field situation is such that with some continuity with Rab/Matt/Jinky then the players will continue to give 100%.If the DFCSS board ( as owners) sit back and let this situation run on; we will further implode as a club and things could become even more serious.I would urge the DFCSS boarrd to meet at the earliest opportunity and make the decisions needed and start the process of rebuilding our once great football club that means so much to so many.

Source: Dundee Mad