new development committee

25 June 2013 09:29
set up

The newly formed development committee would like to introduce itself at this early stage to the DFCSS members and the wider fan base. This group has been set up following an open invitation meeting held in the Westport bar on Thursday the 6th June.  The supporters in attendance at this meeting were in broad agreement on a number of issues including

One fans group – not a big enough club to have different factions Rebrand and re-launch of Society – Dee4life being the preferred brand. Develop an effective communication strategy for the Society Develop the membership to ensure the members register is effective

Following this meeting people were invited to come forward to help push this on by forming a development committee or volunteering to help the committee as required. Five trust members have come forward, so far, to form this committee namely:

Peter Campbell Ross Day Colin Reid Stephen Tosh Chris Wallace

This committee has been inundated with offers of support by others with a broad range of expertise, and it is hoped a few more volunteers will offer their services,some with a view of joining the development committee to assist with the modernisation of the society.

The new development committee met on Friday night with some of the volunteers, to get to knoweach other, and further discuss the aims of the group with the view to getting the group moving as quickly as possible. The key aims of the group are:

Modernisation – Every organisation goes through a period of self-reflection, the trust has lasted 10 years without stopping to assess itself, now is the time to reflect and reassess what we want from our Society Integration – It is time for the fans groups to ALL work together with a common goal rather than the current set up. Society must be inclusive and be open for all members. Simplification – Current society set up is too complex and top heavy, time to reassess how the Society Board is set up as well as ensuring the Society constitution is fit for purpose and relevant Communication – Everyone recognised the Society’s biggest failing is its inability to communicate with the members and fans, and this is something we see as a priority as we need the members input to ensure the changes we propose are in line with the views of the members.

Although the group has only been together and talking for a matter of days already great progress has been made with regards to reforming the society and as such it is envisaged that the skills set and expertise of the Dark Blue Business Trust (DBBT) will become an integral part of the modernisation process. Discussions with DBBT are progressing and it is hoped that a senior representative of the DBBT will be joining the development committee. We hope to have an update later this week.

We would urge all Dundee fans to support theDevelopment committee in its attempts to reshape our Society. It is envisaged that the Society will undergo a transition period as the development committee picks up pace and we would ask the fans to be patient as we progress. The group will require the help and support of the members, and wewould encourage other members willing to roll up their sleeves and deliver a Society we can be proud of to make themselves known, the more help and opinions we have, the better chance we have of success.

Source: Dundee Mad