14 October 2013 04:49
that time of year again

For the last two years some hardcore Dundee fans have increased their facial hair for the month of November otherwise known as Movember.

What these fans did was raise awareness of male cancers such as Prostate and Testicular and with the added bonus of raising funds for this worthy cause.

You or someone you know may have been affected. You might sit next to someone at the game who has been through it. Either way raising awareness is vital. And that includes women! Mo Sistas can also register and join in the fun (fake of course) and help to raise awareness and encourage the men around them to look after their health.

This year at Dundee Football Club it's bigger and better, with an official Movember up and running. If you fancy challenging John Nelms, Bill Colvin or the board of Dundee FC in growing a mo or just helping us to raise awareness and money it's really easy to register.

Once you click on to the DFCjust join the team. If you're allergic to technology and need a little help or would like to donate in any way, drop an email to Jacqui Robertson  07704020865.

Source: Dundee Mad