27 December 2012 10:17
and team dundee

The annual Movember Campaign saw a return of team Dundee FC for the second year.  Dundee FC fans, along with a couple who crossed the street to help out took to furnishing top lips to raise money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer. With team Captain Jacqui Robertson joined by representatives from the Club Board, the Society Board, Dundee supporters, and the aforementioned social climbers from across the divide, the team was confident of eclipsing last years total of almost £800.

This confidence was boosted when Billy Morris, last year’s MVP returned to take his place in the team, quickly resuming where he left off last season, raising a fantastic £617 single moustachedly, only spending a few days not on top of the list. Billy was ably supported by Steven Guild, who while moonlighting from his position as a volunteer for the Football Memories Project managed to weigh in with £411, so between the two, smashed last year’s total. Club Director Steve Martin, fresh from his climb up Kilimanjaro also joined team Dundee FC this year, bringing in another £396, while Graeme Pert added £311.

From Boomerang, also charity visitors in the past, Neil Ellis and Carlyn Connor brought in another £277 between them, although Neil was the only one who grew a Mo. The interlopers Richard Diamond, and Family Guys Duncan Crighton did their best to show their team in a good light, crossing the street with £197.  Elliot Davie, DFCSS secretary along with directors Grant Cook and Captain Jacqui Robertson between them added to the total with a combined £169. This amount despite the fact Elliot put over £100 through as team donations. Colin Reid and Robert Bishop added a further £62, and with team donations added, Team Dundee FC raised an amazing £2627 at the last count.

Team Captain and Community Director Jacqui Robertson was overwhelmed by her teams efforts in raising money for Testicular and prostate cancer. ‘Thanks to everyone for tripling last year's total and it was great to have some Dundee United fans showing support for the cause, something very worthwhile coming together for. The team were an absolute credit this year and I could not be prouder.’

Dundee FC Supporters’ Society would like to take the opportunity to thank all the members of Team Dundee FC for their fantastic moustache growing, fund raising efforts. To see so many team members doing so much to help, and half the team have been involved in the Community Initiative in some way, shows not only the generosity of the people of Dundee, but the success of the community initiative in building bridges with the local community. Everyone who took part for this fantastic cause is to be commended, including any partners who had to put up with hairy top lips for a month.Well done Team Dundee FC!

Source: Dundee Mad