minutes from Saturday part 2

04 June 2013 04:33
penman lounge

A few days later the CEO informed the Board the consortium was agreeable to a DFC 50 purchase.However this did not materialise.In early February, Steve Martin expressed a desire to go to Texas, at his own expense, to meet with the Americans, and check out their facilities and intentions.The Board meeting of 11th Feb. And 9th March then passed with no further updates.Bill Colvin joined the Board in March and attended his first Board meeting on 29th March. During informal discussions, Bill had expressed a wish to see ‘’if these guys mean business’’, and plans were laid for Bill, Steve and the CEO to fly to Texas.At this point there seems to be dubiety among the BOD members regarding the nature of the visit. (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join these discussions). Fraser and Dave believe the contingent were to go on a fact finding mission, whereas the others maintain it was to come back with a deal.The Dundee contingent flew to the States, and as they returned on 2nd May, sent the other Directors details of an investment proposal which had been negotiated with the Americans, but now mentioned a body called FPS (Football Partnership Scotland), which consisted of a US element, Bill Colvin and Steve Martin.The communication also noted ‘a 3 year budget plan is being prepared as we fly, and will be with you hopefully by Friday. (the 3rd May.)Nothing further was received until an e-mail arrived from Bill on 15th May, which constituted a Formal Offer for Shares in Dundee Football Club, and was addressed to Dave, Fraser and myself as the representatives ofDFCSS, the majority shareholder, on the Board of Dundee Football Club. The offer had a closing date of 24th May.The next day (17th May), Steve informed the Club and Society Boards, John Nelms would be arriving on the 20th May to discuss the Youth Academy and Investment plans.  We were told the meeting had to take place on the Monday evening as he was only here for 1 day. 

Source: Dundee Mad