minutes from meeting part 2

27 May 2013 10:07
north end club re investment

However, specific agreements were already in place that there would be no change of colour of the Dundee FC strip (the Texan youth teams play in tangerine!) and there would be no amalgamation or ground-sharing with Dundee United.The takeover group were attracted to Dundee, having looked all over Europe, because (a) DFC have no debt, ( the amount of schools in the area and (c) Dundee was seen as a forward-looking city with the arrival of the V&A and other developments. The passion of the fans was also remarked upon.The reason for the short deadline was said to be because the players’ contracts run out at the end of May and so John Brown would be given immediate funds to re-sign players (on two year deals rather than one) who are attracting the attention of Aberdeen, St Johnstone and other top clubs.Since news of the bid was made public three other Premier League clubs have expressed an interest in the investment possibilities and if action is not taken quickly the opportunity could be lost to Dundee FC.There was a lot of comment about the roles seemingly played in this affair by the Dundee FC board as well as the board of DFCSS. One eyeopener was the statement that a DFC director could not meet Mr Nelms on Monday night – because the director was apparently attending a quiz night in the Fort Bar.The general mood of the North End meeting, attended by various DSA officials, was that this plan was a “no brainer”, a “no-lose situation” and one that we should grab immediately as long as (as stated earlier) the reassurances given were backed up in writing.The Texans were said to have a tremendous investment record and hope to build the value of Dundee FC over the years. It was not just about improving and selling young players.There were about 30 people present last night, with many DFC supporters’ clubs not represented. This may be because of the short notice given, particularly for out-of-town (and out of the country) clubs.Mr Harris ended by saying fans must move swiftly, within the next 48 hours. He wants club secretaries to contact him with their views by email, text or phone.

Source: Dundee Mad