Meeting with dfcss today

23 March 2013 07:20
at dens

just a quick run down on how the meeting went todayin my view DFCSS know there has to be change.i asked if they were calling a sgm,they said yesi enquired as to how much imput we would havethey said they will formulate an agenda between all partys/ fans etcat this point i said that dependent upon how many of our questions got on the agenda then i would force an sgm as imo i have the support to do so if we werent satisfied with the agendai asked if they had any planned constitution changes they said if they did after talking with dsa dbbt etc then it would be communicated in the proper fashionthey went to great lengths to say that dfc business and dfcss business were not the samethey said they were open to all suggestionsthey confirmed the 52% dfcss shares were in the dfcss namepr disasters---------they acknowledged this and are working on it as we speak so to sayaccepted communication etc should be better and are working on thati mentioned Gardiner several times and was told it was dfc board business ie it is the club who are his employers and not dfcssi mentioned the recent rumours regarding youth development/raith and qos etc,fraser said he hadnt heard anything and mo kidd brought him up to scratch re the rumours,realy was alot to run through in a short space of time but think it went well enoughthere wasnt time to go through every question posted on mad obviously. but the dfcss said they are happy for me to get all the questions in order and to email them to themestimated sgm date is middle to late april exact date to be confirmed

all other questions that i never had time to ask will be forwarded on to the dfcssobviously i appologise for not getting all questions fears over to the dfcss but time basically ran away,as i said i will forward those questions/fears onto thm in due ciurse

Source: Dundee Mad