Mad posters vote re Gardiner

28 February 2013 02:46

Well our super dooper so called ceo has been very much in the news this wee,so much so that i decided to run a voting poll on wether his posistion at dens is now untenable.

An out an out complete landslide of Stonehaven standards, the result was as follows YES: 143; NO: 13; dont know: 2 that is  quite a result.

Mr Gardiner the view from this poll is virtually no one has any faith in you,please leave our club as soon as possible,i personally think the only things sorry to see you go will be the ducks that you had lined up. 

You offered John Brown the job via the phone last week despite the fans getting told that he was the best of the applicants.

Add that to you being in Glasgow under the guise of a reconstruction group, instead of being at dens bringing in investment to our club,thats right, investment thats what ceo's persue,i have not read about you bringing in one shiny penny to our club.

Maybe im wrong maybe you just dont like saying you secured this and that,oh hold on a minute you took plaudits for the milan training tie up and of course the bonds,would love to hear your explanation re the bonds that were meant to be getting issued,and of course there is Mr Colvins donation that you managed to count in with the bonds(quack quack)

Yes you talk the talk and god help anyone else who falls for the chat as you clearly cant walk the walk,infact as far as walking the walk goes you sir are still pushing your way around the room in a baby walker.

Please get out of our club now!! 

Source: Dundee Mad


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