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14 April 2013 09:17
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Barry Smith Dark Blues

  John Burke, 07761 918612

Billy Steel Dark Blues

The Billy Steel Dark Blues (BSDBs) were originally an informal grouping of Dundee fans who met in the Fisherman’s Tavern in Broughty Ferry for a pint (or Drambuie) before home matches.  At the start of the 1999/2000 season the Supporters Club was formally constituted with the aim of the Club to be family friendly and support DFC both financially and spiritually.From the beginning in 1999, and through the troubled times of administration to today, the BSDBs have raised in excess of £12,000 for the Dundee FC Supporters' Society, Dundee FC and Youth Develop

ment.The BSDBs membership now sits at over 60 strong, and they now meet prior to games at the John Barleycorn Bar.  The strong loyalty that has existed from day one remains in order to ensure that DFC receive the support necessary for the Club to regain its rightful place amongst Scotland’s elite clubs.  For more information contact Chris Campbell, 07768 373973

Big Rabbie D Dark Blues

  Gary Knight, 07510 638723

Charlie Cooke Dark Blues

  Willie Douglas, 07510 595855

Dundee FC Disabled Supporters' Club       Cheryl Adam, 07857 749871       Dundee Social Club         Bob Gordon, 07772 737816       Dundee Student Dark Blues         Billy Douglas, 07546 428865       Ellenbank Bar DSC       Ian Rae, 07740 780398


Ferry Branch DSC

  Carol Gibson, 07748 807474

JMB Dark Blues

  Mike Colgan

LBC Dark Blues

  David Ney, 07769 186812

Maltman Dark Blues

  Davie Craig, 07716 686014

Robert Douglas Dark Blues

  Jim Mitchell

Strath Bar Dark Blues

  The Strath Bar Dark Blues are a Dundee FC Supporters' Club based in the Strath Bar, Strathmartine Road, Dundee.  Membership of the club is £20.  They run a bus to away games, costing £8 for members and £10 for non members.  The Strath Bar Dark Blues meet on a quarterly basis, and also host an end of season Doo.  For more information email Graham Fettes

or call him on 01382 819244.

Youth Dark Blues

  Gary Douglas

Source: Dundee Mad