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21 November 2013 04:23
from dfcss

The Society board would like to thank our members for their attendance at our AGM on Saturday. We hope everyone went home with all questions answered and would urge any members with issues or ideas for the Society to reply to this email and let us know about them. After all it’s good to talk! As we enter the new year, we’ll be getting the Society ready for its switch to annual membership renewals, as voted on by the members at the SGM in August. To help us with this, we’d appreciate it if you would check your personal details above to ensure the information we hold is correct.   As the festive period approaches, it’s expected that a record number of people this year will do their Christmas shopping online. And why wouldn't they! It’s infinitely more convenient to shop from the comfort of your own home rather than brave the shops in the cold and rain. However, there’s an even better reason to do your shopping online this year! You see by doing so, at the same time as buying the gifts you planned to buy anyway you can raise money for your supporters’ Society - at no further cost to you! And best of all it’s very simple to do!   One of our members, Douglas Tott, has set out step by step instructions on how to start earning for the Society while you are spending! 1. Type in and register as a user.

2. The page is headed Shop online and raise money for Dee4life. Click on the box "Support us now".

3. Enter your name, email address and password. Remember to tick the boxes for agreeing to terms and conditions and whether you want emails from Easyfundraising about offers etc.

4. Click on the box marked "continue", which takes you to Page 2.

5. Install the Easyfundraising toolbar or click on the "skip installation of the toolbar" below.

6. This takes you to the next page. Click on "I don’t want to raise up to 5 times more".

7. Click on "No Thanks".

8. This takes you to the last page where you are registered and you can type in which organisation/company you wish to purchase goods from and it normally states how much commission they will give to Dee4life (DFCSS). Although I should warn you, our new membership packages are likely to be released early December, so you may want to save some of your money to treat yourself or a loved one to one of them!

   All the best! 

Source: Dundee Mad


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