latest boardroom guests

01 February 2013 07:03
at dens

This week in the Boardroom, Eddie Devlin had a busy time of it entertaining guests. After the passing of Alice McGregor, Eddie had as his guests Jimmy Etchels, Ryan Robinson and Margaret Webster.



Margaret was Alice’s close friend while Jimmy and Ryan, her nephews. Jimmy was very pleased to be invited, and was happy to speak with the Society after the game, ‘I was very humbled by the gesture made by the directors of DFC to be invited into the boardroom along with Ryan and Margaret in honour of my late Aunty Alice. She was what was known as "Dundee Daft" and would have been over the moon with what the club did that day for us. She was a special woman and will be sadly missed by myself and the rest of the family. I again would like to thank Scot Gardiner, Maurice Kidd and Jacqui Robertson for attending the funeral, the flowers and the day they arranged for us in the boardroom. Shows the family side of the club. Fantastic!!!’


Ryan was equally impressed, ‘just like to thank Dundee FC for giving us the chance to experience a day in the boardroom/directors box in honour of our dear aunty Alice. It meant so much to us. A die hard Dee till the very end she would have been so proud of her club for allowing us to 

experience this unique opportunity. I cannot put in to words how much of a fan aunty Alice was of Dundee FC. This was her life. She had all of us, nieces and nephews from a very young age to Dens Park it wasn’t our fathers who took us to our 1st Dundee match it was aunty 'Dundee' from Greenock to Falkirk to Aberdeen you name it she had us there.’

‘Good times  and bad times, she was there. Supporters are not made like her anymore. One thing’s for certain her family will never support another team all because of aunty Alice. She has created a legacy that will be passed through the family generations for many years to come. Rip Aunty Alice and thank you DFC

Also with Eddie on the day was the winner of the Gold membership draw, Craig Thomson, who had this to say about his day out, ‘Thanks again for the fantastic opportunity last Sunday.

‘It was a little unbelievable when I received your first email about the prize I had won. 

Kieran and I had a great day in the boardroom amongst the Dens board and other officials. And watching the game from the director’s box was a real treat. Thanks to you and your staff who made us feel very welcome.’


‘The only disappointment of the day, besides the bitter cold, was the two points we dropped


Source: Dundee Mad