junior dark blue xmas party

21 November 2013 08:45
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Christmas is coming—and that means it’ll soon be time for the Junior Dees’ Christmas party! Sun-day 22nd December is the date, and Baxter’s in Raglan Street, Stobswell, is the place for every Junior Dee to be! The Kick-off and Final Whistle times will be confirmed as soon as possible.


There’s so much fun and excitement for the youngsters to look forward to, including visits from Santa, Deewok, and some very special surprise guests with very familiar faces the kids will just love to meet! There will be lots of laughter and music too, with a DJ to help entertain the JDs! And as Santa is to be at the party there’s sure to be a gift for every one of our most important young people!

Tickets are FREE to Junior Dee members only.


Please RSVP to reception@dundeefc.co.uk

Tickets can then be collected from the Ticket

Office at Dens Park.

* * * * * * *

Each of the youngsters at this year’s party will have their own Christmas wish list. But here’s a Christmas wish for all of them (and us) to share in the hope it will come true in May.

When the season’s done and the battles won

May the mighty Dee be on top of the tree!

Source: Dundee Mad