Jacqui Robertson

16 March 2013 12:35
tenders her dfcss resignation

At the end of January this year, Jacqui Robertson intimated an intention to resign from the Society Board at the end of the season. With a change in the charity set up for next season planned, Jacqui felt the role of Community Director would change, allowing her to step down from her position and someone else to come onto the Board and provide a fresh outlook, and also allow her to concentrate fully on a new venture.

‘It is with regret that I have tendered my notice with the Dundee FC Supporters' Society some weeks ago, a decision that I have not taken lightly. The last two years have been a roller coaster of ups and downs for myself, my colleagues and the Dundee support but there have been plenty of positives in my role as Community Director. Since Scott Glenday first asked me to take on the role and take on the challenge of reaching out to the local community, I can only say I gave it everything I had.’

‘As a group and in a very short space of time we have helped to raise the profile of around 40 local and national charities, and built some excellent relationships with local a

nd national press, something I'm very proud of. While we haven't actively promoted the feedback from the hundreds of people we've worked with over this time we have been privy to the thoughts of those we have helped either directly or indirectly and it has made it all worth every moment. There's nothing I would change about helping these people and all have resulted in lasting friendships. There's nothing negative about that.’

‘I understand why some of our support may feel that the community role should now be tailored in order to move the Society and Club forward and I would like to see that too and hope that someone will come forward to drive this forward. My intentions are to continue the charity and health initiatives as an independent and volunteer next season  with the support of the club, DFCSS and the supporters clubs who have all intimated their backing, giving someone else the chance to take on the Community role.’


Acting Chairman Dave Forbes  commented on the news, ‘ We will all be sorry to see Jacqui go, since coming onto the Society Board, Jacqui has always been extremely pro-active in reaching out to the community, and a hard working Director for the Society. While we are sad to see her leave, knowing she is

moving on to a new venture, and will continue to be involved with charity work at the club, Jacqui leaves the Society Board with our very best wishes in her endeavours.’

‘Replacing Jacqui will not be easy, but we now must look forward, and would hope to find a replacement before the season ends, and a new Community director can bring a fresh outlook to the role, and carry on the excellent work already done in this area by the departing Jacqui Robertson.’

 All the best in your new venture Jacqui

Source: Dundee Mad