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26 July 2013 04:48
re investment



a nice piece from mydadwasadee,and just about spot on


We are being asked to issue further shares to allow FPS to invest the monies they want to in the club - and to allow them to secure a 56% share in the club. Remembering that a number of these shares will be held by Mr Colvin and to a lesser degree Mr Martin who already have an interest in Dundee FC. Note - NOT rogue foreign investors who have come from nowhere as in some clubs and taken 100% ownership. The DFCSS (by their own figues) will continue to own 31% of the issued shares.The DFCSS are concerned that their share will fall below 26% which has voting implications if unissued shares are secured by FPS - as there would remain a number of shares for purchase. However, IF the DFCSS did combine forces with the DBBT and put their shareholding together ( along with any other interested shareholders ) and formed an all new and meaningful fans group - and the DBBT went ahead with their pledge to help the club - then with that £150k they could purchase some of the new unissued shares in the club. The FPS have already committed to two fans reps on the board so that would be two bodies from the new fans group - and perhaps one each from the current DFCSS and DBBT could be put forward for starters? Then we would have substantial cash injection from all fronts, a fans group with still some clout, new investors in place, a new chairman in Mr Colvina dna chance for new blood to galvanise the fans behind the club once again. This needs some serious swallowing of humble pie by a few people - but this scenario would SURELY be the very best thing for DUNDEE FC. Put the politics away, put the squabbles away, get as much money as we can into the club, the fans have a continued meaningful share and involvement - and we all go back to the fitba and cheering the team back into the SPL. Will our current leaders put the club first?

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