georgi nemsadze

23 May 2010 10:08
question and answers 1) Who was the best player you played against and with? 2) What do you rember of your sublime chip at tannadice? 3) What is your biggest regret in football? 4) What is your memory of your Scottish Cup semi - final goal? Was it really a miss hit as some suggested or Georgian genius? 5) Did you persuade Zura to sign for dundee fc and if so how did you manage it? 6) Were you given an option to continue playing for Dundee fc when we went into administration? 7) Your son has 2 years of his contract to run,is it true he wishes to sign for dundee fc after it expires? 8) Do you know of any other good Georgians who would come and improve Dundee fc's current team? 9) In your time at Dundee, did you think we could have become a major force in Scotish football, and if so do you think the Bonettis had the managerial skills to make that happen? 10) What is your overall impression with Scottish football now and what areas need improving? 11) Do you have any plans to come over to dundee in the future,so that the fans can say a proper thank you at a dundee fc game? 12) If the oppertunity arose, would you be happy for your son to sign for Dundee fc? 1)The best player that I have played aganist is David Beckham and Robberto Baggio.And the best that I have played with is Caniggia,Arveladze and Kaladze 2)Every goal that I have scored for Dundee has incomparable price for me especially the chip at tannadice because,it was my first official goal with Dundee and it was against United at tannadice and we won that game 2-0.I will remember it always 3)When I was playing in Italy for Reggiana we got relegated from Seria B and also when I got injured in Dundee they told me that I had to get an operation 4)I didn't know what kind of goal it might have been,I just wanted to shoot at the place where the goalkeeper would have had no chance in saveing it.I think I didn't shoot unsuccessfuly 5)I made some recommendation for Zura before he was brought to Dundee,but i didn't interfear on his conditional terms or contract the club and Zura negotiated it by them selves 6)I wanted to stay and play for Dundee,but it wasn't up to me because the team had financial problems 7)Of course he wishes to sign for Dundee FC,but he hasn't played over 75% of the games for the Georgian national team which makes it impossible to sign for Dundee FC or Georgia must unite with the EU countrys or he must get Scottish (or other EU country's) passport which is also impossible 8)Yes,I know some players who might be useful for Dundee,but again our country is not in the EU,which doesn't allow foreign Georgian players to play in Scotland unles they are in the national team and have played over 75% of the games 9)Yes,we could have improved and we could have been one of the major force,may be not like Celtic or Rangers,but I i'm sure that the achievements would've gotten better and better 10)Scottish football is on the right way of developing,but I think little bit of South American football needs to be ''imported'' for excitement 11)It is my desire to come over to Dundee and if the fans and the club wish for me to come to Dundee then it would be my joy 12)It would be the best thing for me to see,my son wearing the Dundee FC strip,because it was the best,of the best years in my football career I have ever had,I still regret leaving Scotland,I love and mis you all very muchI mis my fans as well as I mis DFC. I love Scotland in the same way as every Scotsman do.


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