G Harris part 2

21 February 2013 09:39
for the ex pats

Some people at the club have too much to say,and some seem to have no say at all-it is wrong,There are too many chiefs it is unhealthy the way decisons are taken at the top,Harris who is staying on in his role as dundee supporters club association chairman,met dfc ceo Scot Gardiner yesterday.It was then after the news broke that he offered his resignation from the society post.harris is keen to exonerate Gardiner from the decison maken process,the fans need to know-this decison was solely down to the club board,scot just delivers their decison,he has no say in it,we need to go about restructuring the way that the club is run.

Football fans are the lifeblood of any club,without the fans clubs would not exist and that has to be remembered,at the end of the day dundee fc will outlast us all,the club is bigger than any one player/board member or manager,for the clubs sake we need to act,Harris admits he was dissapointed by the sacking of Smith,we would be in the second divison if it wasnt for him,all we can do is to wish him all the best in the future.

As a DFC supporter i would definately have kept him in the job,it would have made sense to at least give him to the end of the season,but its not a decison that im qualified to make-thats well beyond my powers ,it is a strange decision given the fact that we backed him a month ago,tomorrow is another day i hope as a club we can move on from this

Source: Dundee Mad


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