Former director points the finger

28 October 2012 10:13
Former DFCSS chairman and Dundee FC director, Scott Glenday lays the blame for the worst run of results in the club's history on the manager and players alone.

Like many of you I've been attending games home and away and following the debate on where we are , where have been and where we think we are going on this website and others . Again like most if not all of you I have to admit its been getting me down and I'm far from happy firstly with the results , secondly the performances and finally after every let down with the attempts of some to undermine people at Dens who work hard on the non playing side.I've no intention to return to the days of committing to daily Internet debate on the subject however I'm keen at this stage to have my say and move on.I realise I might be stating the obvious but I honestly believe this is a football problem ie our current predicament and biggest issue is down to the players , coaches and management team and that any suggestion that the root of that problem lies with the CEO , the Club board or at the door of the Society to suggest that is the case is surely complete and utter nonsense.Re the CEO and the make up of the Football Club board for what it is worth I've still total belief in the people involved - that's my own personal view , people are entitled to have an opinion and I'm no different .no matter what we discuss as a group of fans there is absolutely no chance of us all agreeing .Re the 'fans owned club' model , I also still think this is the way to go , if the model is flawed there seems to plenty of examples in Europe where it is working very well and if we are not making it work at Dundee then I suggest it's time for those who can make it work to come forward and get involved .I've always believed there is a wealth of talent amongst the support of every football club . No matter what you are doing in life , you can only make best use of the resources that you have available. If people who could be part of any solution refuse to come forward and opt to sit on the sidelines and criticise then that is their prerogative , there's nothing anyone else can do about that .I've been there given up my time , committed energy , money and led from the front and I have to tell you it can be a worrying and lonely place at times.I'm as hacked off as much as the next Dundee supporter, I'd love the Team to turn the corner next Saturday but have to say I can't see it .it would though make me a very happy man to be proved wrong .The Society can also change direction if that's what we the supporters decide collectively thats what they want to do and the forthcoming AGM is the ideal opportunity to do that , again thats IF it's what the fans want and also IF people willing to drive change come forward.These are my own personal views , I think its really important to recognise there are two separate issues (team performances / off field management)and I think it would serve more purpose to discuss them individually.I've no intention of abandoning our Club no matter how far we fall , I know there will be plenty others who will stick by them regardless , our supporters have been amongst the most loyal in the land and I'd agree with those who say that given what we've been through and the opportunity we were given that we really do deserve better than we've been getting of late .We've come a long way and It is currently hard to bear but I think its best to let the CEO and BODs manage the Football Club .It's no easy shift , I think we should give those who have agreed to take the responsibility on behalf of ourselves space and an opportunity to sort it out , that's what they are there for , if they can't do that , it could well be over to someone reading this here.It's going to be a long week , our heads are down , our noses are out of joint and something close to our hearts that we fought hard to preserve appears to be falling to bits. There are a few on here looking for Scot to stand down , can't see that making any difference to our chances of a win come next Saturday at kick off time . Also think the reaction to his half time interview was way over the top .Went along on Friday hoping we'd turn the corner,will do so again next Saturday regardless of who sits in the directors box ,who is in the dugout or who wears the jerseys.Difficult decisions to be made for everyone involved and I include the CEO ,Directors , the Management Team and the Players in that.Living in hope they get it right , it's really important this is turned around and soon.good luck.

Source: Dundee Mad