exiled dark blues

21 June 2012 05:11
inititives for coming season

Following hard on the heels of the success of the kiddies season tickets initiative, the Exiled Dark Blues (EDB's) are Dee-lighted to announce their next initiatives. For the upcoming season, we would like all Dundee supporters to get involved in the following fundraisers:1. Sponsor Every League Goal scored by the Dees this season. Payment will be due after every 9 games (so every quarter of the season)2. sign up for the Dee Lottery at £52 for the year and be in with the chance to win yourself up to £25,0003. chip in £10 to Sponsor a Player - the more we raise, the more players we can sponsor, first team and youth players. Each participant will go in a draw to win the player's framed jersey at the end of the yearTo get the ball rolling, I will commit to give £2 for every league goal scored, I'll sign up for the Dee Lottery and chip in £10 for the sponsor a player scheme.If you would like to join me, please email scott_lockie@hotmail.com and I'll add you to the list.Let's collectively make a difference to the Dens Park coffers and give our team the best chance possible of prospering next season. Onwards and upwards!Cheers Scott LockieExiled Dark Blues