Email from Tim Keyes

29 May 2013 07:44
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Thank you for your email. I hope we are able to getsomething done with Dundee. My colleague John Nelms was there thispast week and put forth our intentions as to what we as a group wantedto do for Dundee. He tried to meet with all the relevant shareholderswho would take the time to see him. So I would only add the followingthoughts. John and I have a vision for creating a first class youthdevelopment program in Dundee which would allow it to continually be amainstay in the SPL. The vision includes long term, in-house playerdevelopment and not short term fixes and spending sprees that take theclub into debt. When we met with Scot, Steve Martin and Bill Colvin wefound a like minded group of individuals who shared that same vision.(When John subsequently met with John Brown they also shared thiscommon vision). Together we wanted to invest the funds required toaccomplish this long term strategy whiile also investing enough funds tokeep the nucleus of this current team together right now. This wouldgive Dundee the best chance of returning to the SPL next year. Quicklyrejoining the SPL provides additional funds to carry out this vision.That was the impetus for the quick deadline so something could be donefor the coming year and key players would not be lost. I would pointout that the focus/fear on us Texans taking over the club is not theright way to look at things. Bill and Steve are both directors andknown individuals in the club and I thought the Dundee supporters wouldtrust them and their judgment. Neither Steve nor Bill (nor us) want arepeat of the past mistakes. We offered to provide financcial backingin partnership with them because we shared this common vision. Theydid due diligence on us as we did on them and the club. Steve and Billare also putting additional funds in as part of the proposed investmentso it is not just our money. Based on the proposed investment, ourgroup in Texas would likely end up owning less shares than the DFCSS.We would likely own less shares than Bill and Steve''s combinedownership. So any fears of the Texans destroying the club areunwarranted as Steve and Bill would have to allow that to happen. Theintent is a collaborative effort from all shareholders that share thesame v ision and want the same long term success for Dundee. Ourfamily have been long-term football players and supporters We likeinvesting in things we are passionate about. What we saw at Dundeewere numerous factors that could provide for a long term successfulinvestment and club. We liked the leadership that Scot has provided ina difficult environment. We saw a great coach in John Brown who didwonderful things in a short amount of time which boded well for thefuture on the pitch. We learned about an incredibly supportive fanbase, a great town on the upswing and a cub with a long history. Wealso shared with most of the stakeholders we met a common vision whichwould create long-term sustained success through prudent capitalinvestment and a thoughtful, measured plan of youth development. Hopethat helps. Thanks Tim Keyes


Source: Dundee Mad


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