dfcss whats going on

04 April 2013 10:04
a fans view

DFCSS - what is going on?What is happening with the “ongoing discussions” between the DFCSS, DFCSA and DBBT?The DFCSS website home page is full of charity information; but no information regarding the running of our football club. What is going on?There is no mention whatsoever of any upcoming SGM to discuss any issues.When is this promised SGM going to happen?The last Q and A was almost 6 weeks ago and obviously achieved nothing other than raise more concerns over the way our club is beingrun.WHAT ARE THE DFCSS DOING?????There is no communication with supporters, no information regarding the progress of the club, no apparent progress with regard to new investment coming into theclub, we have no idea how the club is doing financially and rumours continue to do the rounds of unwelcome “investors” circling around our club.No information whatsoever is coming out of the FANS GROUP to their fellow FANS.To add to that we have appointed an “interim” manager who has managed to attract press headlines for all of the wrong reasons to our club, we appear to be considering signing a junior goalkeeper – this after a fall out with our current goalkeeper who has served the club brilliantly over many years and we just seem to stumble from one PR disaster to another.Rumours now also abound that the DFCSS are going to carve up a new constitution that will mean fans reps will be on the DFC board from the DFCSS, the DFCSA and the DBBT?Is this true?If it is, this will only serve to further fuel the idea that a permanent “blazer route” is being created which will do nothing to enhance the way our club is being run – or attract outside investors into a “junior football club committee type structure”.Are the fans who are serving as OUR directors’ hell bent on turning away investment and running our football club for the long term?If they are; then they need to come out and tell us that!And if they are; they are acting against the wishes of the supporters whovoted to accept outside investment.This might not come as a huge surprise of course; as we have seen that the DFCSS directors are happy to act out with their own rules if it suits them.For example, the DFCSS constitution clearly states that members must be asked to pay an ANNUAL RENEWABLE SUM in return for their membership. The DFCSS committee are fully aware of this; but have chosen not to do this.This is a clear breach of the DFCSS constitution and goes against the advice of Supporters Direct.Is it any wonder our TRUST in these people is diminishing?I have no idea what is going on in the heads of the DFCSS reps on the DFC board or on the DFCSS board generally.but the good supporters of Dundee Football Club who bailed their club out twice did not do so in order that some of their fellow supporters could sit on the board of DFCSS and DFC and not communicate with their fellow fans.They are currently sadly showing the world how NOT to operate as a fans owned football club.The question is; how long is the ordinary punter going to sit back and accept this?I would also add that a Chief Executive of any business who was worth anything would take this situation in hand and ensure he was communicating with his “customers” and ensuring they felt a part of his business. That I am afraid is also sadly lacking


Source: Dundee Mad