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24 May 2013 03:42
part 3 Friday, May 24, 2013 at 12:59

Dundee FC has been the subject of a recent takeover bid from a consortium comprising two current directors of the club, and outside investors based in Texas. As the majority shareholder in Dundee FC thanks to the efforts of all of our members, who twice have helped this club through administration proceedings, Dundee FC Supporters’ Society has a responsibility to provide our members with sufficient information to have a full discussion and make a considered decision on such a proposal.  A lack of detailed information and any due diligence has prevented the Society board from being able to do so.The takeover proposal in its current form has a deadline of today, 24th May 2013, and due to the timescales which would be required to consult with our members, the offer cannot be accepted in its current form, but the Society would welcome further discussions from all parties, and this has been communicated to the consortium.


Source: Dundee Mad


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