DFCSS news

29 November 2013 08:55

1, Carol Findlay had been co-opted onto the board to take up the role of Finance Director

2, Minutes of the meeting held on the 13-11-13 were approved with amendments and will be available online in due course

3, Work on going on the websites.

4, Internet now installed into the TV gantry to facilitate Live streaming, testing to follow

5, It was decided to approach the club to ask if we could use the notice board in the Bobby Cox Stand to promote Society news

6, Society Board happy to make a donation towards the Junior Dees party, final amount will be discussed once a rough attendance number is available


As always, full minutes from the meeting will be avaliable online once approved at the next society board meeting


well not exactly tomorrow to be truthful, but ten days from now all the bold boys who in support of Movemberhave been adorning their upper lips with everything ranging from unflattering fluff to something resembling pot scouring padswill once more be feeling the sun (we hope) on their full faces.

That’s when these young shavers and not-so-young shavers, all of whom for this month have been partly non-shavers, will be reaching for their razors once again. Meanwhile, what these guys are doing is raising awareness of male cancers such as prostate and testicular, and at the same time raising funds to help change the face of men’s health.

The rest of us (lasses as well as lads) have to give them considerable credit for what they’re being daft enough to do to bring these issues to everyone’s attention. We should also dig deep to give them as much as we can afford to back their efforts.

We have an official Movember up and running at Dundee Football Club. If you’d like to donate to the cause, simply drop an email to jacquidfc@hotmail.co.uk (07704 020865).

Come on Deeslet’s see how much money we can raise for this worthy cause. Dundee may not be a future City of Culture, but let’s show everyone that Dundee FC is a Club that Cares.


Source: Dundee Mad