DFCSS Movember Campaign

28 October 2012 10:20

As the year rolls on inexorably towards its end, we find ourselves deep into October, and for anyone who is anyone, the time of year to consider signing up as a mo-bro, or mo-sista as the Movember campaign seeks to raise awareness and cash for Prostate and Testicular Cancer Research.

As with last year Team Dundee Football Club is registered with Movember, and the Society would like to take this opportunity to invite Dundee fans near and far to consider living the life of the fuzzy lipped for the month to help us raise as much cash as possible.

Once again the team is captained by Jacqui Robertson, and with the return of last year’s MVP Billy Morris, Team Dundee Football Club is confident last year’s total of over £700 can be surpassed. Billy is a perfect example of exactly what Movember is all about, raising almost half the team total despite, it would be fair to say, not exactly getting a ‘Magnum’ on his top lip. Billy however raised cash aplenty,and he was happy to explain why he was back in the fold. ‘Despite the hirsute humiliation of last year’s attempt at top lip furniture, I'm back again for further bum fluff escapades. Let’s hope I can surpass last year’s target both financially and stubble length wise.’

Community Director Jacqui Robertson explained the motivation for once again backing the Movember Campaign, and leading her team into fundraising, ‘It's that time of year again and not only are we looking for bigger and better moustaches but we are looking to strengthen the team with some new signings. Seriously we are looking to continue the great work our mo bros and sistas did last year and do our bit to highlight and increase awareness of prostate cancer. As well as having a large male audience in our fans we are also looking for the girls to show their support, so please take a moment to sign up. DFCSS and DFC are proud to promote good health to our fans. Bring on the challenge’While the Movember Campaign is obviously a light hearted way to raise awareness and money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer, the need for this is certainly not. Testicular Cancer strikes approximately one in 250 men worldwide, although the cure rate if caught early enough is almost 100%. For Prostate Cancer, studies of men who have died of unrelated issues show Prostate Cancer in 30% of men in their 50’s; with the percentage rising to 80% once men reach their 70’s.

Dundee FC Supporters' Society is proud to once again back the Movember Campaign, and would urge anyone to get involved. The process is simple, a mo-bro simply spends one month growing the finest example of top lip topiary he can, while asking friends and family to compensate him for his humiliation by donating to the campaign. A mo-sista simply pledges to support the cause, and again try to raise funds through family and friends. To join team DFC is simple, and can be done by visiting here   and join the 1.9 million mos around the world who so far have raised over £184 million in the last 7 years.

Source: Dundee Mad