dfcss minutes part4

23 September 2013 06:04

13. Society Directors Ÿ  The Society Directors present felt it was important to be available to fans. It is therefore planned to have at least one Society Director available in the Penman for all home games and all Directors are also willing to attend individual supporter club meetings to hold Question and Answer sessions. The Society Directors would, where possible, try to attend supporter clubs functions to help; RD will kick this off by attending Forfar DBs Quiz Night on Saturday 21st September – (RD for Action).  14. AOB Ÿ  Annual Membership of the Society. Following the members ballot at the SGM to introduce  an Annual Membership for the Society. CR proposed an annual fee of £5, seconded by CW and all Directors agreed to adopt this cost for the annual fee for renewal of Society Membership. This is to start from 1st June 2014. The club are to be approached to see if the £5 fee could be charged on top of Season Tickets with an opt out tick box for those not wishing to join/renew. Membership would also be part of the Gold/Platinum membership packages. Ÿ  The new Chairman pointed out the need for confidentiality to all Society Directors and Non Society Directors helping on the board. All communications should be passed through RD as Communications Director or, if not available, MJ as Assistant Communications Director. Special importance was given to social media and Society Directors/Non Society Directors were asked to be mindful of there comments on Facebook/Twitter. Ÿ   The Gold membership Goals DVD from season 2012/13 required to be delivered to Disk    Depot for 500 copies to be burned. (DF agreed to take this for action). Ÿ  CR stated that after speaking to Alan Provan the Society are reminded that the copyright to Dundee FC crests and badges belong to Provan Sports and any merchandise required should be bought through Dundee Direct.  15. Date of Next Meeting. Ÿ  All Society Directors were to send availability for week commencing Monday 2nd September 2013 to the Society Secretary BL asap where upon a date will be set.  Before departure, RD put a summary of the meeting on the Society Website and CR gave an insight into the members register, in-touch on his IPad.  With no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 10.40pm

Source: Dundee Mad