dfcss minutes part3

23 September 2013 06:02

back to the AGM and look at asking the fans via the website for suggestions and look at the possibility of conducting a poll, either online or by a polling post box. (Action –All)  9.  DFCTV/Gold/Platinum Membership Ÿ  Platinum Membership given a re-launch offer for the game against Livingston FC on Friday 30th Aug 13. The outstanding DFCTV monthly prizewinners have also been invited along to the platinum members hospitality against Livingston. CR stated that he planned an upgrade and re-launch of the Gold package; one possibility CR is looking into is further smaller monthly prizes. It was felt that DFCTV needed an update too, too many old players pictures were on the front page. (CR for action), contact Coolimage.co.uk to see if images could be updated. RD to speak with media team to establish DFCTV needs. (RD for action). Ÿ  It was agreed by all that DFCTV should be offered free to Society members serving in the Armed Forces away form home on a tour of duty. RD to issue a statement and put an article on the society website. (RD for action).  10. KPI’s Ÿ  The board were keen to keep KPI’s being published but would have to discuss with the Club BoD which KPI’s were the responsibility of the Club and which KPI’s were the responsibility of the Society. Discussions took place of looking at the possibility of new KPI’s being implemented. (RD and BL for action).  11. Society ID Cards and Email Addresses Ÿ  The club has identified various unknown people wandering around the lounges and stand enclosure before, during and after matches. The Society confirmed there should be no unauthorised Society people in these areas apart from match volunteers. The club is keen to introduce ID Cards and the Society welcome and back this. The club can issue a simple version based on a match ticket. It was decided to speak to the DSA to get agreement that the club, DFCSS and DSA all have similar ID badges made up for officials and volunteers. CR to liaise with the Stadium Manager, Jim Thompson and Laura Hayes for Society ID Cards while PC and GP will consult with the DSA. (Action PC, GP and CR). Ÿ  PC has investigated getting Society Email addresses and can purchase for $65 until the domains renewal date next July. This was unanimously agreed and PC will distribute email addresses to all Society Directors and Non Society Directors. (PC for action).  12. Supporter Clubs Boardroom Hospitality Ÿ  To give the Supporter Clubs visibility of their “turn” for Boardroom Hospitality it was decided to draw all home games and promulgate a list. Due to the shortness of time it was decided to invite the Ellenbank Bar DSC (winners of the DSA Supporters Club of the Year 2012/13) to Boardroom Hospitality on Friday 30th Aug 13 against Livingston. GP to approach the DSA and ask if they wish to run with this or if they are happy for the Society to arrange. Due to being unsure of which supporters club have and have not had Boardroom Hospitality in the past, it was decided to start afresh. Supporter clubs that are exiled are requested to contact the DFCSS with any dates which they know they will be “home” for so that we can try and accommodate those far away supporters clubs. (GP for action).

Source: Dundee Mad