dfcss minutes part2

23 September 2013 06:00

2.  Executive Committee Ÿ  After discussion it was unanimously agreed that it was not required at this time.  3.  Fans Representative: Update from BoD meeting Ÿ  CR gave an update of non-confidential matters discussed at recent Dundee FC BoD meeting.Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Limited Moving Forward Together (Registered by the FSA under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 – Reg – 2639 RS)         The    Dundee    FC    Supporters’    Society    Limited    is    registered    with    the    FCA    under    the    Industrial    and    Provident    Societies    Act    1965    Registration    Number    2639    RS    –    registered    address    14    City    Quay,    Dundee    DD1    3JA.            Ÿ  It was pointed out that HoT should have been sighted by all Society Directors. No Directors present at meeting, apart from DF, has seen the HoT, CR to request a copy of the HoT’s for the Society Directors at the next DFC BoD meeting. a.  Investigating helping club out by purchasing selected required equipment. Agreed to approach DSA to fund together. PC to take forward to DSA meeting and report back at the next meeting. (Action PC) b.  Agree unanimously to back Dundee-Mad initiative to purchase Season Tickets by matching money for Season Tickets raised to a max of the purchase of 3 Season Tickets. PC to take forward to DSA meeting to join the BoD and Society Board to match money raised by Dundee-Mad to maximum of 3 Season Tickets. (Action PC) c.  No requirement for employment of office staff as minutes Secretary as a volunteer has come forward. Ÿ  Stadium Manager, Jim Thompson, is to be given as much notice as possible for requests to use Dens Park for Society meetings. (Action Secretary)  4.  Outstanding Minutes/Business/Issues/Complaints from previous meetings Ÿ No minutes have been posted since Feb 2013. Fraser MacDonald and Elliot Davie been contacted to see if they have any of the outstanding minutes. Elliot stated that latterly due to no quorum there may not be minutes but there should be meeting notes. (PC to action and chase up for next meeting) Ÿ  All originators of outstanding complaints against Society members have dropped their complaints.  5.  Members Register (Registered Address/Safe/Office Keys/Duplicate Register) Ÿ  DFCSS Registered Address is in the process of changing from PO Box to Dens Park.  Ÿ  DFCSS office keys and Safe Keys. The board is unsure who holds keys therefore CR will bring a new safe to ensure security. (CR for action). Ÿ  GP to investigate how the Members Register is run, how it is updated and where the Duplicate Register is held. (GP for action).  6.  Other Partner Group Meetings (BoD/DSA/Media/Staff/DBBT/Finance/Supp Direct) Ÿ  All agreed it was important to seek meetings with other partner groups. A meeting is already arranged with DSA, which PC and GP will attend. In the short term it was decided that it would be in the Society’s best interests to arrange meetings with the BoD – (CR for action), the Society/Club’s media team – (RD for action), Finance team – (RD for action). In the medium term look at meeting DBBT and Supporters Direct – future meetings.  7.  Volunteers Register Ÿ  The board is unsure what volunteers are doing what and who have already come forward to help. It was decided to approach recent departed Society Director John Keith and volunteer co-ordinator Kenny Valentine to see if there is a list already made up. (MJ for action).  8.  Re-branding DFCSS Ÿ  The board was unanimous in their wish that the DFCSS requires to be re-branded however it was felt there were other pressing issues to deal with first. It was decided to put

Source: Dundee Mad